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    So you and many like you are wondering why " AUG 27 A.M."?

Well, to make long story short, it all started when I got laid off after working 5 years as a Children's wear designer in 1993.  But I now believe it started way before that------it is all a divine plan in the eyes of the universe------

After some soul searching, I made a decision to go back to ground zero.  I was born in "AUG 27 A.M."  So I go back there, starting my life anew.

Over the past 30 years, I have sold my clothing to over 600 boutiques and specialty stores nation wide, and internationally at times.  From an apartment building's basement to now it's own building in Chicago, "AUG 27 A.M." has found it's un-mistaken voice, through it's profound whimsical notes. Thanks to the universe that responded with enthusiasms.

Now you can access "AUG 27 A.M." online anytime anywhere, studio direct.  Share the spirit, leave comments suggestions and find upcoming special events like Studio walks and studio samples sales.  So enjoy your diggings and have a delightful time.


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