Studio Studio behind the register leave your trail here: email addresses, payment processing---while inhale the tranquility---- 178921665 studio entrance facing 31 street. the studio is full of natural light. 115810504 east side wall easten light adds extra cheer 115810507 center room to breath 115810503 plenty of seating the Chinese antique chairs goes well with the antique Singer sewing machine legged table 115810506 full body massage chair for the over worked body to relax into and for the loyal costomer to enjoy 115810505 fabric rack always changing, forever evolving 115810502 office where communications are conducted---- 115810499 Smokey & Cheesehead always curious and inspective these 2 studio muses know their places 115810500 sewing room powerful industral machines and steam presser certainly make the process lot more effecient 115810498 cutting table thousands of pieces were cut on this table over the years--- 115810497 cutting table the magic starts here--- 115810501